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Why choose JCA for my child’s education?

Choosing a school for their children is one of the most important decisions parents must make. Whether they move into a school district, apply to a private school, or adjust family duties to make home schooling possible, most families want school choice. For the parents to more than six million children, the choice is private education. They choose a private education for many reasons, with quality academics, a safe and orderly environment, and moral and ethical values the common reasons cited. Most parents often look to private schools as an extension of the home in promoting the values they embrace.

Nothing in a democracy is more important than the education of the next generation of its citizens. In standardized tests designed to measure how well American youth are prepared to meet their citizenship responsibilities, students in private schools score higher than their public school counterparts. Public Agenda, a national research organization, found that adults believed, by a wide margin, that private schools do a better job of providing a quality education than public schools.” Source: Council for American Private Education (CAPE), Germantown, MD 20874.

With that said, Junction Christian Academy desires to reach the world for Jesus. We want to equip our students to be lifelong followers of Jesus representing Him and His word on a daily basis wherever God leads them. We believe we can start in our corner of the world touching the lives God leads to us.

We want to offer a quality education of excellence and integrity based on the Word of God. We want to provide small class sizes thereby enabling students to receive more  individualized instruction. We will strive to have highly qualified teachers who model a Christian life consistently. By combining lifelong followers of Jesus and an education of excellence, our students will be prepared and equipped to become well-rounded, productive, and contributing citizens which is becoming more important in these unpredictable economic times. We want our students to be able to know who they are in Christ, stand firm on what they know, and walk in stability.

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